How's Your Posture?

Posture is your body's ability to hold itself upright against gravity.
Having "good posture" means your body can stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on the surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments.

When you have great posture, people notice all the time. It makes you look great, feel energetic. People with great posture always seem more confident. Medically, it also helps prevent injury and reduce pain.

We all want good posture but it can be very difficult to get if you don't have it and are trying to correct on your own,.

At out office, we conduct a digital posture exam and monitor posture over time between check-ups.  

One example of poor posture is the forward head that is sometimes combined with the hunch in the upper back.  Forward head posture leads to accelerated wear and tear on the joints in the neck and can result in osteoarthritic or degenerative changes to the discs and joints over time.

Ever heard of the  term “Tech Neck”? Well look at the position of your neck as you look down at your mobile phone.  This is a huge issue caused by our increased use of our phones.

Active Life, in addition to spinal adjustments, uses neck traction, head weight rehabilitation exercises and neck orthotics to assist with some of the more challenging cases.

How We Restore Great Posture


Take An X-Ray (If Needed)

We have an in-house X-Ray allowing us to provide an accurate assessment of your condition.

Conduct An Assessment

We look at the neck, spine, and shoulders but might also recommend custom foot orthotics which we can take care of in house.

Put You On A Corrective Plan

Correcting posture takes some time but the results are amazing. You will feel better, look better, and people will notice.

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