I was in a bad car accident and am now “feeling it” what should I do?

In terms of your health care Chiropractors are well trained to diagnose, treat and or refer you in this situation.  

I was in a minor fender bender and I seem to be in pain. Should I still come in?

Often what may seem like a minor car accident with minimal damage can create stress on the body that can cause pain. We see this often and are well equipped to assist you. 

Why am I so sore?

Sometimes many regions are effected during an accident that can result in muscle strain, ligamentous strain and loss of optimal joint motion.  This damage can result in whiplash (neck problems) and also sciatica symptoms (lower back problems).  Our first goal is to calm this pain down and slowly restore motion and function.  

When will I start to feel better?

Eventually, you will be able to do exercises and stretches with less pain as you recover.  If at any time during your care the chiropractor finds a problem that requires the assistance of your doctor, you will be advised and referred immediately.  It is also common for chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists to work together on patients injured in a car accident.

What about seeing my medical doctor?

In many cases we encourage our patients to also update their medical doctor about injuries resulting from a car accident.  

Do you help with insurance?

Also did you know our office accepts the ICBC flat fee program for chiropractic care.  Our office can forward your injury report to your ICBC claims adjustor for approval.  In most cases care is then accepted and paid for directly to the chiropractor by ICBC allowing you quick access to care with no financial barrier.