Some of the adjustment and treatment types we do at Active Life are:

Adjustment Techniques

At our office we base our adjustment techniques on patient needs. Often we will apply more than one type of adjustment depending on your needs. We pride ourselves in our detailed examination and discussion with our patient on treatment options. We are often asked if we do the "cracking" adjustments or the non "cracking" adjustments. The answer is it depends on the person.  After seeing thousands of patients we realize that everyone responds differently and doing the same thing on everyone doesn't get the best results. 

Manual chiropractic adjustments are aimed at improving the motion of specific spinal bones that results in better overall spinal motion and pain relief.  Sometimes a "cracking" sound is heard which is caused by a decreased pressure inside the joint and the new release of synovial fluid which provides nutrition and lubrication to the joint surfaces.

Non manipulation adjustments that do not result in the "cracking" sound such as table drops, and instrument adjustments such as Activator or Torque Release focus on changing the tone in the nerves which can result in improvements to the health of the spine and decrease overall nerve system and spinal cord tension.


Pediatric Chiropractic

  • Why would a child ever need to see a Chiropractor? At our office we promote checking children for any potential issues that may have arose from the childs years from being delivered (C-section or natural can create stress), growing up, falls, sports injuries or any other life stresses. The goal is to remove the any minor or serious issues so the child can develop to their maximum potential.   


Shockwave (Great treatment for elbows, shoulders, and feet)

  • The shock waves are abrupt, high amplitude pulses of mechanical energy, similar to sound waves, generated by an electromagnetic coil or a spark in water. Similar technology using focused higher energies is used to break up calcifications and promote healing in such cases as, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and other body parts.


Custom Made Medical Orthotics

  • We examine feet at our office and correlate the findings with the alignment of our feet, knee's, hips and spines. Sometimes orthotics can be beneficial in supporting and modifying structure. Many patients find relief from back, hip, knee and foot types of pain from orthotics. At our office we use either laser scanning or foam casting as these are industry 3 dimensional  standard for insurance companies  reimbursement. We then send our lab kits to an insurance accepted laboratory that has a Podiatrist or foot doctor overview the making of the orthotics. Again the orthotics are made to the highest quality and meet and exceed industry standard for insurance companies.